The Surat Shabd Yoga Ring

Welcome to the Surat Shabd Yoga Ring, a service of, on Bomis. Sites focusing on surat shabd yoga, Sant Mat, or any light-and-sound paths which can be traced back to the nineteenth-century Indian mystic, Shiv Dayal (Soamiji), are eligible for inclusion. I hope you will want to join us.

This ring works a bit like WebRing, ICQ Ring, Bravenet SiteRing, and RingSurf NetRing. However, there is no navigation bar to put on your site. Perhaps it can best be described as a hybrid of a webring and a directory of links.

To apply to join the ring, follow the instructions on this page. The ring maintainer will review all site submissions prior to adding them.

The Surat Shabd Yoga Ring is maintained by Mark A. Foster. If you are a glutton for punishment, you may read Mark's personal bio.

You may also, if you wish, view a listing of all sites currently in the ring.

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